How to create a business facebook page / market an Indie Game + photos

Marketing 101 (The things you need to know but no one ever tells you)

(Taken from a conversation between Creative Director Alex Byrom and a young start up)

Facebook Page

Alot of what you need to do is very minor things.

 Are you proud of your game/ company? Change your cover picture to it and add in the description links to your website and where you can buy the game.

 Fb profileFb profile2

Just been looking at your Facebook page. In the about section add your website. I know it’s in the website section but you only see that if you click on the about button, if it’s in the description people see it straight away


Game DB

If you haven’t done so already make a game db account

Mod Db

and put all your details of the game up there. screenshots videos ect  and add backlinks in the description of your pictures.


If you haven’t already start a blog.

Blogs can be great for drawing in new people to your product. If someone keeps coming to you for video tuts or advice, they will have faith in you that you know what you are talking about.

This article I wrote may interest you.

10 tips on marketing and developing an Indie Game

Social Networks in particular Twitter

Make an account on ever social media you can. Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. Google + You can link them so you only have to post on fb and it updates to the rest.

Google + Instagram

Get talking to the local press. Ring up your local newspapers. They love you start ups and it’s good to get experience ringing/ emailing people asking for a feature or an article based off the press pack you send.

How to contact the press in general

GET ON TWITTER. Game press are very lazy you need to have everything present in a nice an easy form for them and get it in front of them. Chat to them, They are human at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to hunt them down, Look at news articles , Who it’s published by, give their name a google, It will usually then come up with their twitter account, if not look for the contact us button. Press are not going to go looking for you. You have to find them and hunt them down.


Help other and they will help you / get free work if you can

Other things you can do, is just be active on social networks (but don’t spam) help people out and they will help you in return. It’s very much a community indie games. One thing I would recommend if money is an issue see if there are any grants in your country I.e university start up grants ect. Also pull in favours from friends. Got a friend who is great at audio ask him to make a track for you. Got a friend who is good at art ask him to do some concept work.

Fake it until you make it. Make your game seem much bigger than it actually is. If you don’t believe in it no one else will.

App Button

One thing people forget as well if you are creating an app. spend a decent amount of time working on your app button i.e the rounded square Icon, This is the first thing people will see of your game, if this isn’t interesting people won’t buy it.

I think That’s all I have for now, Hope some of it helps.

If anything with friends just say, yes we have no money to pay you but it will look great on your portfolio/ cv to be on a published game. You aren’t lying the first thing an employer will look at is your prortfoilo to see if you do have any practical experience, Purely just having a degree isn’t good enough anymore.

Email backlinks

Yeah just take your time and work through the stuff. I’m no expert and I’m learning all the time.

One last thing do you email people?

If you do I’ve set my email so it always has my back links like this


I’d recommend you do the same

From the office of Falchion Games: Go To Hell Dave



US, UK, World wide point and click development

Early this morning I was playing around with SEO (Search engine optimisation) and because of my efforts we went from being ranked in 1000s to being ranked 2nd as a developer and 27th for Go To Hell Dave. Now over time this will go down but I still think it’s impressive that in a couple of hours I managed make myself known. Here is a screen shot for you all

US Point and click game


Game BD:

10 tips on marketing and developing an Indie Game

I’ll put a few notes here Just incase I forget

1) make the most of any convention, you don’t always need your own booth to talk to people and show off your product, I wonder around with my smart phone and look at all their I.D cards if I see someone with PRESS or someone who could help me I walk up to them and talk, So far it’s got me talking to msn, Chaos dave and some other big publicists.

2) If you have a good product show it off and shout about it. I do alot of podcasts and email a couple of news sites every day. Just got to keep the ball rolling eventually someone will bite.

3) This one maybe more difficult for some, If you can try and get admin on a related fb I.E me and my partner are both admins on gaming fb pages each with 20,000+ likes, it just means when we need to we can advertise to around 10,000 people for free (fb pages never reach the full 20,000 unless you pay)

4) Use all social media even if you are not a fan, I’ve recently been using twitter just to chat to devs,  Forums are good but be prepared to be banned or abused, some forums will accept your product, many will reject it.

5) Stay connected, find out where all the gaming events are in your local area, support them make a name for your self, if you can attend the bigger events even if you are just going as a paying customer

6) Easy one, get business cards and a bit of promo materials i.e leaflets, badges, banners. What ever. The amount of times I’ve been looking for new artists and they haven’t had a business card and I haven’t been able to get back to them.

7) Be on time be prompt, this applies to all events, meetings, podcasts w/e being late is one of the worst thing you can do.

8) If you went to a tech university or college stay in touch with them see how they can help you, we managed to get trade event tickets to the gadget show thanks to the connections within uni.

9) Never be too arrogant to take advise whether it be from a new start up of a 30 year pro we all have different problems and skill areas, make sure you get what you can out of peoples time. On the flip side think will this help my business or is this person in a completely different market to me.

10) Get the best talent you can find and afford, there are lots of artists out there don’t just settle for the first one you find, Give a look lots of young artist begging to prove themselves to the world.

That’s all I can think of for now, pretty much don’t be a dick, make friends and support each other. When I started my personal page only had 100 likes we are now up to almost 800 and I plan to get it up to 1,000 in the next few weeks

for more information check out our social media pages


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