How to save multiple layers in a single PSD

This is a quick tutorial on how to save multiple layers in a single Photoshop document, It a great tool for if like me you want to save multiple animation layers, but it can also be used in lots of different situations.

This is a tutorial on how to save multiple layers within the same file to individual Pngs

It’s great way to save a file full of images.

First open the file, I’m using a relatively small file, just 15 layers.

Then go to File\ Scripts \ Export Layers to files

Select the target save location, rename your file, no point putting a number on it we will change it in a second. Select your other details

Then Hit Run

Wait a few minutes or go watch a youtube video whilst it processes the images then this message should appear

Now you have all your images in the folder but the name is long and it would be nice to have them numbered properly.

Highlight all the images, right click on the first image in the sequence, rename then type the file name and press enter.
It will automatically number all the images.

(Side note)
It some times bugs out doing multiple folders within the same file it’s best to delete the other folders process a single folder then cntl z to bring them back to process the next folder

Hope this helps speed up your work flow a little.