How to save multiple layers in a single PSD

This is a quick tutorial on how to save multiple layers in a single Photoshop document, It a great tool for if like me you want to save multiple animation layers, but it can also be used in lots of different situations.

This is a tutorial on how to save multiple layers within the same file to individual Pngs

It’s great way to save a file full of images.

First open the file, I’m using a relatively small file, just 15 layers.

Then go to File\ Scripts \ Export Layers to files

Select the target save location, rename your file, no point putting a number on it we will change it in a second. Select your other details

Then Hit Run

Wait a few minutes or go watch a youtube video whilst it processes the images then this message should appear

Now you have all your images in the folder but the name is long and it would be nice to have them numbered properly.

Highlight all the images, right click on the first image in the sequence, rename then type the file name and press enter.
It will automatically number all the images.

(Side note)
It some times bugs out doing multiple folders within the same file it’s best to delete the other folders process a single folder then cntl z to bring them back to process the next folder

Hope this helps speed up your work flow a little.



How to create a mask in photoshop to use in AGS

This is a step by step guide on creating a mask for use in adventure game studio from photoshop (cs5 but it should work with older versions), importing the mask and changing the image size.

Firstly, Open your image.

You may want to change the size to make sure it will be suitable in AGS

Go to image/ Image Size then change it something suitable. It’s easier if you have it set to pixels.

Next hide or delete any of the layers you do not want to use, the eye symbol next to each layer or right click delete layer or even use the bin icon.

Next select a layer or a group, if it’s a group right click, then merge group

Then right click and select stroke, or select it from the fx button at the bottom of your tool bar.

once on the stoke layer style set it to max 250 and inside the colour doesn’t really matter at this stage

Do this for each layer and you should end up with something like this

use this colour code: a6caf0   I just found it the easiest to make masks with it

Then paint bucket over all your layers using this colour

The go to mode/ indexed color

Change it to system windows

Then when you come to save it make sure it’s a bmp

and 8 bit is the only option viisible ( it should also have mentioned 256 colour earlier.)

Now putting it in engine, load up your level, select the import mask from file option.

This error message will appear if it’s a different error message it maybe hasn’t worked properly.

Then the mask should be visible like this

Then just fill in the mask with the paint bucket and if it’s a walk behind area drag the line down into the appropriate place. This level will have many separate walk behind areas.

This is my first tutorial hope it helped

and check out our game.