Who are Falchion Games?


Ben Burns: Co-Founder, writer and programmer

Ben has spent his entire life making and playing games. As a youngster he obsessively invented new board games and role-playing games on a daily basis. His other big life passion is music and he is a multi-instrumentalist and regularly writes and performs music in his band, Blunderbuster.

He studied computer games programming and games audio design at Staffordshire University where he met Alex and discovered that they had a combined love of adventure games.

He now spends his days working on Go to Hell Dave and drinking mead


Alex Byrom: Co-Founder, Lead Designer and marketing

Alex Has been developing games for 3 years, and playing them for 17 years. He Studied Multi-Player online game design at Staffordshire university, a course focus on rapid prototyping on a wide variety of engines. Including UDK, UT3, Monumental, Unity, Tiled (tool) and many more. He has expertise in a wide area from 3DSMAX, FMOD, Audacity, Photoshop, Google Sketchup and general video production. He is always looking to expand his skill set and knowledge.

Alex has worked in teams both big and small, from the likes of creating a UDK mod called Ifrag with a team of 12. Or creating a Iphone/Ipad game with a group of 20. To what he does now creating point and click games with a small yet driven and precise team.

Alex and Ben both met whilst working on Ifrag, Ben was producing the game Audio whilst Alex would help put it in engine and tweak it to work within the engine scripts. They Both share a love for all things games and would love to help the resurgence of Adventure games with their game “Go To Hell Dave”.


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