Go To Hell Dave’s Monthly Round up

Hi guys,

Alex here I’ve been busy as always at Falchion games, currently I’ve been getting in touch with the local press and gamer related websites.

Me and ben


Stafford “The Sentinel” did a piece on us, It’s nice to see local journalists take an interest in what we do. This was a picture taken in our office.


I got a new article posted by the lovely guys at Developer’s Accomplice
If you like opinions, indie game reviews and Gamer related news I’d suggest you get your cursor over there now . Once again Ben was as blunt as ever and gave very amusing interview.



I’ve been following this game for a while. “GoD Factory: Wingmen” Really Hope they make the mark, I think there is a wealth of space to explore in the space combat genre and I hope Nine Dots Studios Will do just that, So check it out.



On Sunday me and Ben are attended Rezzed (A pc gaming event in Birmingham similar and sponsored by EuroGamer), we did hope to get our own exhibition booth but that will have to wait until next year. Whilst there we did have a nice chat to the team from Invision Game Community.



In other developments we now have everything sorted website and email base, thanks to the amazing guys at monkey tree hosting. I don’t normal brag about tech stuff but these guys are awesome and couldn’t do enough to help a HTML noob like me.


We don’t just build games at falchion Games will also share the knowledge so last Monday 10th I was off to Sheffield to help with games Britannia, I taught a workshop teaching kids how to think outside of the box in regards to puzzle games and how to really create your own theme for an adventure game. It was a huge honour to help out and was a great experience to have a casual chat with Gary Carr Creative Director at lion Head studios and Creator of Theme Hospital.



Speaking of fun addictive cartoony games I’m still in love with the art style being crafted by the guys and monster and monster. Check out there games for Ios and Android they are free and massivey addictive

Anyway I’ll leave you be hopefully I’ll have more to report after Rezzed

Alex Byrom: Creative Director

From the office of Falchion Games: Go To Hell Dave
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